On the Bench

Well it’s been awhile sense I’ve posted a blog. I haven’t been doing much jewelry making this year, but am getting back to it. I had made a necklace a few years ago, which I sold. The person I sold it to was looking for something for his wife, and I remembered the necklace and thought I’d make a ring to go with it.

IMG_0606 I put some things on my bench and worked up a design.

IMG_4065I used 26 ga. sheet, 14 ga. wire and 1/8 in. bezel. I think it match’s up pretty well.

Turquoise & MOP

Hope you like it.

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From the Bench

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve given you any new projects from the Bench. Well I worked on a couple before the holiday’s, but they were gifts, so I couldn’t post them. I had a request for birthstones and heart combination, as one gift, and this is what I came up with. I decided to do two hearts together pierced by an arrow. I made the hearts, and needed to get the size for the arrow shaft.1123031806

Once decided,  I needed to make the arrow.
I melted one end of the 16ga. wire and hammered it out for the arrow head, then cut up 24ga. wire tor the feathers.


When this was done I had to cut the arrow to figure out where to pierce the hearts.


This is the completed design that was the gift. I think it came out pretty nice.

IMG_3938Had another macular hole operation which also hampered my working, but that’s on the mend and I should be back soon. Hope you enjoy my blog and work. Please send me a note, if you would, to let me know how you like my blog.

Till next From the Bench, God Bless.

On The Bench

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I have been busy. I am back to work at the golf course now, so I have to take time to play also. I have a few projects that I have completed.

My daughter Shannon had a birthday in April, and wanted a bracelet with her name on it. I used a Sharpe to write her name on a piece of silver. (This took a few tries till I got her name the way I liked it.)

  Shannon Script                     

I then cut it out with a jeweler’s saw, filed, sanded and shouldered on jump rings and polished. Wire wrapping some silver melon beads and added chain and clasp.Here’s some pic of the work


Next up my niece Ellie’s birthday, and Mother’s Day, so an “E” fashioned from fonts on Microsoft Office and an anklet for my daughter Sharon. (My granddaughter, Tayler, saw it and had to have one too, so did one for her birthday in June.)


Now my friend Bill had a birthday in June also. I had made a ball marker for him on his last birthday, and he had lost it. I made him a new one to replace it this year. The only difference is the Tiger Eye is going a different direction.


Till next time, Have a great day.
















Bead Bench

I last left you with a bent and tarnished necklace that I had made in about 1980.

IMG_3562I cut the clasps off and put all the pieces, a few at a time, into a warm bath of water and Baking Soda. I lined the glass with aluminum foil to help draw the oxidation. I keep the Turquoise and Moss Agate bead on my Bead Bench, so they wouldn’t be harmed.IMG_3624

After soaking them in the soda bath for a while, I took the silver beads out and cleaned them up with a cloth. Some had a little film still on them, which I removed with a small awl.IMG_3626

I had taken a picture of the necklace before I took it apart, so I could get it back together the same. Here I started assemble after the cleaning.

I have it all cleaned up , back together, and ready to go back to the customer. Think it looks almost like it did in the 80’s.








Till the next adventure from Bead Bench and On The Bench.

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On The Bench

When I left you I had a twisted piece of wire, a silver circle about the size of a half-dollar and an Amethyst stone. I am going to put brother Neil’s initial on a golf ball marker, with his birthstone. I have all the pieces, but how to place them.


IMG_3586Here they are in place,better stamp the back before I start to solder. Now to solder them in place.


I’ll clean the soldering up a little in my pickle pot, then I’ll finish it up.






I’ve put everything together. This is what Neil will get for his birthday on Feb. 26th. A little more polishing to do, and it’s finished. Happy Birthday Neil






Check back later for my Bead Bench. I have a necklace I made for a customer back in about 1980. The bead wire use to kink back then, if you bent it, and wouldn’t return to place. Here’s what I’m working with. The silver is tarnished and necklace is kinked up pretty bad. Well see what we can do.

Till next time, Have a nice day.












































Bead Bench

I was looking around at some items I had in drawers, and on my bench, and came up with some things to make this. It’s about 19″ long. The turquoise heart is about 12mm wide. Haven’t posted it on any of my sites yet, but will soon.

On the Bench comming up.

Turquoise Heart & HeishiTurquoise & Heishi